10 Unique Gift Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is not just a festival of lights. It is also a festival of reunion, happiness, sweets, and gifts.

Sweets and sweet combos are usually the favorite gifting item. But, with friends and family spread across the world, they are not the most feasible option. Also, it is pretty boring to get the same box of sweet every Diwali, isn’t it?

Thankfully, these days we have we have unique and creative options to choose from.

Right from creative lamps to specialized hampers, you can choose the gifts as per the personality of the receiver and spread more joy this Diwali.

1. Lamps by Artykite

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas | Artykite

What is Diwali without lights? A creative lamp would make for a lit present for the festival of lights.

Artykite has a vast collection of aesthetically pleasing lamps decorated with famous quotes and couplets in Hindi, Urdu, and English.

Your gift would stand apart not only for the uniqueness but also for the poetic touch it brings to any living room or study.

        Explore our creative lamps here.


2. Scented Candles and Diffusers

Unique Diwali Gifts | Artykite
Image Source: shopclues

Scented candles and diffusers enhance the ambiance of any party or get together. Especially, during Diwali when the number of visits and visitors increase.

Beautiful candles and diffusers would be contentedly accepted by your boss, relative or friend. They also create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the house.

Check here for some great gift packages of candles and diffusers.

3. Indoor plants

Unique Diwali Gifts | Artykite
Image Source: Nurserylive

Amongst all the chaos, noise and exhaustion of festivals, blooming flowers and the lush green of nature are a welcome sight.

Add to it the medicinal benefits of an Aloe Vera plant or the deliciousness of a Mint plant and your gift is certainly going to be the talk of friends and family circles.

And if your friends and family live in a smoke heavy polluted city, it will literally be a breath of fresh air.

Browse through various options of gifting an indoor plant here.



  • 4. Calligraphy Pens

  • Want to introduce some artistic flavor to someone’s life? Give them a set of our Calligraphy Qalams.
  • Made of natural reed, these pens offer greater flexibility while writing. These calligraphy qalams are ideal for Arabic/ Urdu, Hindi / Devnagri or English Calligraphy.
  • Whether it is a beginner or an expert, any kind of user will love to add these pens to their calligraphy tools.

If you want to complete the set, you can add from our collection of funky notebooks and diaries.



5.Health Hamper


Unique Diwali Gift Ideas| Artykite
Image Source: Amazon

For all the health-conscious people in your gifting list, a health hamper is the best choice.

It contains innovative (and hopefully delicious) items like Spicy Chaat, Cereal Puffs & Seeds Mix, Wholesome Nut & Fruit Bar, Char Magaz Bar, and Wellness Bhel.

You can also personalize the health hamper according to the specific likes of the recipient.

6.Gourmet Jars


Unique Diwali Gifts Ideas
Image Source: Amazon

This collection of relishes/preserves will make any foodie happy. Available as a small taster set, this selection can surprise your taste buds with the flavors of pepper or strawberry-raspberry.

These products are made with natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives and can pair-up with nachos, sandwiches, pasta etc.

Go on, gift a set and see the surprise on your friend’s face.


7.Rangoli Set

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas
Image Source: Amazon
Unique Diwali Gift Ideas
Image Source: Amazon


Rangoli color bottles with a rangoli pen make a cool gift for Rangoli enthusiasts. Most often in the hustle-bustle of the festival preparation, some of us forget some key important elements. This gift will act as a good reminder to not forget this important element of Diwali decorations.


8. Green Organic Breakfast Box


Unique Diwali Gift Ideas | Artykite
Image Source:

Brighten up mornings for your loved ones with this box full of health. Add some goodness of pure organic honey and Apricot jam to the most important meal of the day.

The bonus is that you will be remembered every time your friend or relative enjoy their delicious breakfast.

9.Personal care gift hamper


Unique Diwali Gift Ideas | Artykite
Image Source: Himjoli

A personal care gift hamper can contain anything from a face wash to essential body oil. As winter season follows after Diwali, you can add moisturizer, lip balm, bathing bars, body oil, and any other item you feel relevant in the hamper. A personal care kit as a present would be satisfying to anyone.

You can buy a customized hamper for both men and women here.

10. Caravan radio

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas | Artykite
Image Source: Amazon

Saregama Caravan is a portable digital audio player that comes with five thousand evergreen retro Hindi songs sorted inside.

You can gift this radio to your parents or anyone in your family who loves to hear old music and radio.

Apart from the pre-loaded songs and AM/FM options, Caravan comes with functions like Bluetooth, USB and rechargeable battery. This portable radio can prove to be a really nice gift for a festival like Diwali.

Occasions like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, are made memorable by celebrations and presents. People would always remember you by the thoughtfulness of your gifts.

So start sorting out your gift list today and tell us about some unique gifts you have given or received.

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